October 2011


In this issue

It is impossible to overstate the importance of healthcare—after all, worldwide economic growth and development
depend on it—but governments’ ability to provide affordable, quality healthcare dwindles every year. The challenge is now to engage private partners to deliver public benefits. Innovative, forward-looking public-private partnerships in healthcare do this, giving businesses an unparalleled opportunity to do well
while doing good.

This issue of Handshake delves into the details of healthcare PPPs that work, pushing past the numbers to ask why they succeed and how they can be replicated. We look at projects from multiple angles, in one case examining an initiative from the perspective of the client, the private network provider’s Chief Operating Officer, and the IFC team that shepherded the initiative to completion. The overview demonstrates how differing priorities evolved into a coherent solution to serve a large number of people for many years into the future.

Although there are many different approaches to crafting healthcare PPPs, some as unique as the countries behind them, we can extract lessons to generate creative ideas. From these lessons, lives will benefit.