July 2011

Climate Change

In this issue

Combating climate change requires innovative, transformativethinking—and public-private partnerships, at their best, presentexactly the sort of solutions needed. Well-structured PPPs bringto the table the finest qualities of the public and private sectors,extracting innovation and efficiencies while providing theright regulatory support and apportioning risks.

This issue of Handshake explores climate-related PPPs thataddress the challenges of mitigating and adapting to climatechange. We offer many different snapshots of the landscape,reflecting the current diversity of views and approaches. Withsuch a broad topic relevant to so many, there are sure to besignificant differences in perspective. Handshake does not aimto reconcile these differences, or even mediate among them.The articles and columns here are discussions-in-progress, andwe invite readers to eavesdrop on some of the more raucousdebates of our time.

On this, however, we can all agree: PPPs in the climate sectorare smart business for the countries they serve, the sectorsthey impact, and indeed for the future health of the globe.