Steve Gretzinger

World Bank Group
Steve Gretzinger – World Bank Group, Senior Forestry Specialist

Steve Gretzinger has focused his drive and technical skills on the sustainable utilization of natural resources for over 25 years. While most of his work has been related to forestry, he has also worked in agriculture and water resources. The common objective throughout his career has been to strengthen the role played by private enterprise in economic development and conservation. This has been consistent regardless of where he has worked: financial institutions, private companies, non-profit organizations or government.

Lessons from his early experiences in the Western U.S. have evolved and been tempered by subsequent work throughout much of Latin America, and to a lesser degree, Asia. Steve has lived in 4 different countries and is no stranger to managing culturally diverse teams. He is adept at motivating colleagues to reach common goals: be it the re-engineering of a company, providing technical services to farmers, or building consensus for innovative approaches to conservation. He applies his language skills, cultural acumen, and practical business sense to varied situations. A strong work ethic coupled with excellent verbal and written skills allows him to function equally well in the field and at the office.

Examples of his more recent endeavors include: developing a cooperative-based outsourcing model to increase the flow of wood fiber from Eucalyptus plantations to Indian paper companies; determining the feasibility of wood biomass energy projects in Nicaragua and Peru; assisting the Brazilian Forest Service to establish a 250,000 ha concession in the Amazon; and designing a program to improve the environmental and social performance of forest-based enterprises in Peru.

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