Sanjay K. Gupta

Sanjay K. Gupta – Independent, Advisor and Consultant

Sanjay K. Gupta has more than 14 years of experience in WASH, Waste Management and Recycling programs in developing and transitional countries. He has in-depth knowledge on M&E and social impact assessments. He has trained more than 100 municipal bodies on PPP models in sanitation services in the SME framework, with more than 6000 new job creations. His focus is on integrated solid waste management, water and sanitation through institutional reform and capacity development of the local communities. Waste Governance has been a key interest area throughout his work which also includes informal recycling sector. He feels that waste management should be part of sanitation schemes.

Sanjay has several international research publication, the most recent being Millennium Development Goals and Solid Waste Management, Status of Solid Waste in World Cities by UN_ Habitat, Informal Sector and Waste and Private Sector Participation in Urban Services by IFC and Pro-Parco, France.

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