Pay Drechsel

International Water Management Institute
Pay Drechsel – International Water Management Institute, Theme Leader, Head of Resource Recovery & Reuse

Pay Drechsel has over 20 years of working experience as environmental scientist in projects aiming at the safe recovery of irrigation water and nutrients from domestic waste streams, integrated natural resources management, soil fertility, plant nutrition, and sustainable agricultural production in developing countries. He worked extensively on urban and peri-urban agriculture, wastewater irrigation in low-income countries and related environmental and health risk mitigation. His strength is the coordination of impact-oriented multi-disciplinary teams combining socio-economic and bio-physical research in the agriculture-sanitation interface. Pay is currently leading a team of economists, engineers and business developers working on business models for resource recovery and reuse.

Pay authored or co-authored more than 250 publications, half in peer-reviewed books and journals. He has worked extensively in West and East Africa, but also South and South-East Asia. After longer stays in Thailand, Rwanda and Ghana, Pay joined IWMI in 2001 and moved in 2009 to IWMI HQ in Sri Lanka.

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