Mick Mullay

Mick Mullay – USAID, Chief of Party

Mr. Mullay is a senior-level manager with over 20 years of international experience directing projects and providing short-term advisory and training assistance in Ukraine, Russia, Poland and Central Asia. Currently, Mick serves as the Chief of Party for the USAID funded Public-Private Partnership program in Ukraine, a 5-year project funded by USAID. During his career he has consulted and trained numerous businesses and government leaders and worked closely with over 50 education institutions in establishing management and small business support programs. Mr. Mullay has played a key role in establishing NGOs and education associations and worked with national ministries and agencies tasked with improving legislature and policies and the effective delivery of public services. During these efforts, he has helped establish partnerships between governments, education institutions and international businesses such as Microsoft, Chevron, Citibank, Kraft Foods, KPMG, and others. Mr. Mullay is experienced in managing multiple offices and cross-border projects while fulfilling reporting and procurement requirements of USAID, the US State Department, World Bank, the Environmental Protection Agency, and other donor agencies.

Specialties: Project Management, Workforce Development; Business and Management Education; Entrepreneurism and SME support; Public Private Partnerships; Competitiveness and Business Productivity; Strategic Planning of Education Institutions, Project Design, Stakeholder communication planning; Monitoring/Evaluation

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