When the Kenyan Ministry of Industry realized it needed to improve the success and growth rates of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), officials took a long look at what makes these businesses thrive. The answer? Good management. But to make sure entrepreneurs, and the managers they need to hire, get quality training that is applicable to the local Kenyan market, they needed to build the capacity of their country’s institutions to deliver management education.

That is where the Global Business School Network (GBSN) got involved. GBSN, a nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C., helped the government identify three local business schools to establish an initial MSME management training program. GBSN brought in international experts from Columbia Business School (United States), IESE Business School (Spain), and IMD (Switzerland) to mentor Kenyan faculty in developing teaching cases that combined international best practice with local relevance. Through this partnership with business schools, officials trained a cohort of entrepreneurs and managers, and established practical, relevant curriculum and teaching cases for MSME management education that could be delivered throughout the country.

Through this partnership, the government found a sustainable way to address the shortage of management talent in Kenya, while strengthening local institutions at the same time.

The Global Business School Network (www.gbsnonline.org) is a nonprofit organization that addresses the severe shortage of management talent in the developing world by building management education capacity. Harnessing the power of a diverse international network of leading business schools, GBSN fosters networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration across borders to advance management education that combines international best practice with local relevance.