The PPPI Resource Center ( has been developed by the World Bank to provide guidance and materials on the legal, contractual, and regulatory issues around PPPs. It includes checklists and risk matrices as well as sample laws and regulations, terms of reference for consultants, and sample agreements and contracts.

Are you researching models of water PPP network contracts in Africa? We can help. The World Bank has developed and applied successfully in Francophone Africa over the past few years a hybrid concession-affermage contract for water networks. You can find an explanation of the hybrid structure in English and French, together with the text of the agreements, summaries, and annotations in French, on the PPPI Resource Center web site. If performance-based contracts are your primary focus, you can also find summaries and annotations of sample performance-based contracts and operation and maintenance contracts for water networks.

In several Latin American countries, as well as Spain, joint ventures have gained popularity in the water sector. The PPPI Resource Center has extensive archives on these ventures. You can access explanatory notes as well as links to the legal frameworks behind them. Countries covered include Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Spain.

Project-financed BOT initiatives, as well as design, build, and operate contracts, can open up additional sources of funding for new water and wastewater treatment plants. Sample agreements in this arena can be found on the PPPI Resource Center.

The PPP in Infrastructure Resource Center for Contracts, Laws and Regulation (PPIRC)—formerly the Infrastructure and Law website—is designed for task team leaders and other operational staff of the World Bank group working on the planning, design, and structuring of infrastructure projects, especially those involving the private sector. Resources on the web site address contractual and legal issues associated with infrastructure reform and PPP projects, and provide practical guidance notes and checklists.