589,000,000 people in Africa live without access to a public electricity facility.

$4,400,000,000 is spent per year on kerosene by off-grid African households.

fastfacts_1 1/3 of Africa’s on-grid population experiences frequent blackouts and is considered under-electrified.
fastfacts_2 49% of off-grid households in Africa (54 million households) could have their lighting needs met by solar portable lanterns.

Overall Impact: Lighting Africa

6,900,0001 people in Africa with clean lighting and better access to energy due to solar lanterns.

1,386,000 off-grid lighting products that passed Lighting Global quality standards sold in Africa.

138,600 tons of GHG emission avoided; CO2–equivalent of taking 26,000 cars off the road.

120% growth in sales of good quality lighting products in 2012 (over 2011).

20 countries now selling products that have passed Lighting Global quality tests.

Lighting Africa is a joint IFC and World Bank program that works toward improving access to better lighting in areas not yet connected to the electricity grid.