Two university hospitals in Alexandria, Egypt, will soon serve thousands of Egyptians who previously had limited access to healthcare—and the contracts are a direct result of private sector participation. Under this new agreement, Alexandria University and Bareeq Hospitals Company, a consortium comprising Bareeq Capital, Detac, G4S, and Siemens, will combine forces to finance, design, and construct the Smouha and Mowassat hospitals in Alexandria. IFC advised the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Unit of the Ministry of Finance of Egypt on the agreement.

Smouha Maternity University Hospital is planned as a 200-bed gynecology and obstetrics center with a blood bank. The Mowassat Specialized University Hospital will be a 224-bed facility providing neurosurgery, urology, and nephrology services. Under the terms of the contract, Bareeq will finance, design, construct, furnish, equip, maintain, and provide non-clinical facility services for the two new hospitals and the blood bank for 20 years, after which management responsibility and ownership will transfer to the government of Egypt.

IFC is helping the government of Egypt establish expanded access to healthcare via private sector participation, and has been advising the government of Egypt on the implementation of PPP transactions since 2006. Since then, the ministry has sought to pilot such projects in the water and sanitation, transport, as well as education and health sectors.