What are ecosystem services?

Ecosystem services in agriculture include the benefits society gets from the environment, thanks to farmers’ interventions. Nutritious food, clean water, healthy soils, pest and disease control, and biodiversity are just a few examples of those benefits.

Activities that provide ecosystem services

  • Terracing or agroforestry practices
  • Increase irrigation use efficiency, protection of wetlands, farm-level water harvesting
  • Establishing contour grass, flower strips, and hedgerows

Incentives—Service buyer

  • Offsetting to compensate for emissions
  • Intact natural resource base used for products and services
  • Fulfillment of sustainability and environmental responsibility commitments

Incentives—Service Provider

  • Training
  • Improved access to markets and credits
  • Payments

Ecosystem services

  • Erosion control and carbon sequestration
  • Stable water supply for farming activities and business downstream
  • Biodiversity and pollination

Beneficiaries—Society and private businesses

  • Water users: clean water, stable supply
  • Sustainable supply of healthy food
  • Business interested (agriculture, green economy, eco-tourism, etc.)